Project Description


Robot Components is a plugin for intuitive robot programming for ABB robots inside of Rhinoceros Grasshopper. Robot Components offers a wide set of tools to create tool paths, simulate robotic motion and generate RAPID code within Grasshopper. Some of the main features include:

  • 30+ predefined ABB robot models
  • Possibility to add your own robot models
  • Support for external axes (both linear and rotational)
  • Possibility to define custom strategies for all external axis values
  • Support for work objects (including movable work objects)
  • Efficient forward and inverse kinematics
  • Possibility to add your own custom code lines
  • Real-time connection with IRC5 controllers

I am one of the developers and maintainers of this open-source project that was initiated by EDEK Uni Kassel. The plugin is released on Food4Rhino and the source code is available on GitHub.