Project Description


The 25th Glasstec Trade Fair was held in October 2018 in Düsseldorf. For this fair, I designed a glass structure with a glass-dovetail connection system that was developed by Eversmann & Idhe (2018). In the designed demonstrator this novel connection is visible from every side by interlocking four horizontal and four vertical glass panes.

As shown with the designed demonstrator the connection detail can be used in modular systems of laminated glass sheets with completely transparent and demountable joints. The connection detail consists of double-layer laminated sheets with 45° chamfers on the edges, which block sheets after insertion, similar to dovetail connections in timber connections. Acrylic distance elements eliminate direct contact with the glass edges and allow for sliding during insertion. The novel detail demonstrates a new possibility to build transparent and efficient glass systems that can be flexibly adapted to a range of architectural applications due to a completely integrated parametric design and fabrication workflow.