Project Description


EDGE Amsterdam West is an office building at the Basisweg in Amsterdam. This existing building is completely renovated. Part of the renovation is the construction of the nearly 4400 square meter roof of the courtyard. For the atrium roof, a design was made by de Architekten Cie and SIDstudio in the form of a glass dome structure with a specific pattern related to the design of the existing building. The dome spans approximately 75 meters and consists of an octagonal main structure that forms a grid of triangles with radians. In the horizontal plane, a tension ring balances the permanent horizontal forces of the dome. At four locations, the tension ring is directly connected to the dome to create a solid secondary load path.

During my time at SIDstudio I worked on the structural design of the dome structure. I mainly conducted several form-finding studies and cross-section optimizations. Besides that, I was responsible for setting up the complete finite element model including all the different load scenarios.